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A mysterious Black Hole has appeared in Adopt Me! This Black Hole update has come as a very big surprise to Adopt Me players. The way it has been presented has raised many questions. Such as, what is the Black Hole update in Adopt Me all about? And why is there a Black Hole in Adopt Me in the first place? Is it because Adopt Me is shutting down in 2022? We’re here to answer all of these questions and more in our Adopt Me Black Hole Explained guide.
The Black Hole is an upcoming update to Adopt Me. This update is scheduled to go live this Thursday, September 22nd, 2022, at 5 PM GMT+2. You can see the update’s countdown timer here. Once the update is out, we can expect to see some very big changes to Adopt Me’s world. It all started with a new character on Adoption Island. Much bigger than regular humans, this character looks very frightening and is obviously a danger. He confirms, in a roundabout way, that he is “an intergalactic tax collector here to destroy your planet.” He then starts his machine, which creates a Black Hole. The purpose of this Black Hole is to completely destroy Adoption Island.
It will then start sucking up all the surrounding buildings, and if your character goes near it, they, too, will get sucked up into a Black Hole vortex. While all of this seems very concerning, the devs say there’s no cause for alarm: “Don’t worry, I’m sure everything will work out fine! Stay safe, and watch out for any more flying buildings! – Jesse”. So as you can see, everything’s alright with the game and this is simply another update – albeit a very unusual one. If we had to venture a guess, our prediction is that we’re probably heading to space with this Black Hole update. If that is the case, then we can expect to see a lot of unusual pets added to the game – such as astronaut and alien-themed ones.
is adopt me going to shut down forever
Yes. Unless you buy robux and spend it on space clothes
what? that cant be true. adopt me wouldnt just shut down without good reason. and its stupid we have to get robux and buy CLOTHES in order to continue playing.
i know but…
Highly unlikely. No need tp spend robux
no every thing will be fine new fizzy will not let such a popalr came die so soon
How much robux is the space suit in Adopt Me?
And what do you mean by it will shut down forever?!!!
And what will you lose if you enter the Blackhole?
i hope adopt me will not shut down and if it dose well then it is stupid
Ok sounds like a fun update I’m gonna play torrmorw
Will we loss all our pets and all our houses? If so I quit
Yea if I lose my pets and houses I’m quitting. But now that I think about it…if we ALL lose our pets and houses we are all equal and no one will be rich and no one will be poor and I’ll actually have a chance. Also I spent sooo much time on my house that I’ll definitely cry if I lose it.
I do not think it will shut down it’s probably just an update And if it does it’s probably just gonna reopen soon
ok i swear if adopt me gets rid of all my stuff im suing no joke. i have a lawyer.
Why would the Adopt Me creators like New Fissy just randomly shut down their game that they have been working on for years and made so much progress on?? They wouldn’t 0-0
Wait I don’t understand, is adopt me getting deleted or not?
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