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Over in West Virginia, this remarkable underground bunker was originally purchased in 2014 from Spartan Survival Systems for £64,825 ($75k), and set into the ground the following year. A prepper’s paradise, the original specifications state the bunker is "made to withstand tremendous amounts of force and pressure from large bomb blast waves". 
The 40-foot long, 10-foot wide bunker is constructed from corrugated steel and is sited on a shale bed to prevent the structure from flooding. The ultimate property for a survivalist looking to hunker down, the bunker could be yours for around £63,000 ($72.9k).
The shelter comes with a state-of-the-art air filtration system to purify the air should the worst occur. When it comes to accommodation, there are four bunks that can sleep a total of eight people, with built-in storage under each unit.
What's more, there's an aquaponics area with some equipment, which could allow the new owner to grow their own food without needing to surface. The food storage area leads into the kitchen, while at the far end of the shelter, you’ll find the all-important escape hatch plus the electrical crank, which can be hooked up to a bicycle so you can produce electricity while you exercise.
There's some work to be done to complete the shelter, such as installing the wind turbine for additional electricity, plus the entrance hatch needs to be welded on before the shelter can be fully submerged beneath the earth. The estimated cost for all work needed comes to £13,000 ($15k). Not bad for a decade of nuclear fallout protection.
This cabin for sale in the South Park area of Colorado, USA includes an 8.4-acre lot with picturesque views and an idyllic grove of aspen and pine trees. The prepper property, which is on the market with Real Estate Colorado for just under £69,300 ($80k), is perfect for a campsite and perhaps something a little more secure beneath the surface…
The rustic wooden cabin boasts beautiful views across long meadows filled with native grasses and wildflowers. The property is secluded, and the few neighbouring homes that flank the acreage are mainly used by ‘weekenders’, according to the listing. But if you want something even more private, take a look underground…
Descending down a ladder hidden within the cabin, you'll find your own secret survival shelter. Illuminated via solar-powered units, the living spaces beckon and light the way as you enter the bunker beneath. The price of this unique hideout has been reduced a few times since its original listing in July 2022, when it was priced at just under £86,700 ($100k).
Perfect for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life or an impending apocalypse, the subterranean space offers shelving for supplies and enough room for a bunk bed. With fresh white walls and concrete floors, this bunker just needs some homely furnishings to create the ultimate bug-out pad. 
What's more, the hideout is ideally sited for a ground-level solar PV system, so you'll likely be able to generate your own electricity. The fortified property is located in a particularly peaceful area of Coloradoshould you venture out of your bunker, you'll be surrounded by sweeping vistas of the Buffalo Mountain Trail, the Mosquito Range, and even the Continental Divide. 
Secluded on almost 60 acres of land in Thayer, Missouri, a private driveway leads to this secret bunker hidden beneath the overgrowth. It's a fantastic opportunity for someone seeking the ultimate prepper sanctuary or perhaps searching for the perfect spot to store hunting gear.
As you head a quarter of a mile down the track you’ll find a metal shop building kitted out with electricity, flanked by a concrete slab concealing the bunker below. You could fashion this ground-level space into your own Quonset hut, or build a secluded home directly on top of the opening.
Also included with the plot is a well and a septic tank, providing all the fresh water and disposal facilities you would need to live off the grid, ideal for anyone looking to pursue a self-sufficient lifestyle.
While the structure requires some major work to make it habitable, there's definitely development potential. Above ground, there's a picturesque pond that's teaming with wildlife, plus beautiful landscape views, providing a quiet sanctuary to sit and soak up the best nature has to offer. 
The track of land, along with its built-in bunker and extra utilities, is currently on the market for around £217,000 ($249.9k). With a bit of a revamp, this sturdy setup would make for a solid homestead. Offering plenty of space and an outbuilding waiting to be transformed, there's no shortage of potential.
At first glance, you might miss this hidden home, nestled into the earth and partially submerged in a hillside. The Whitmore Lake bunker in Michigan is camouflaged from the outside world, disguising itself as a mound of grass.
Currently on the market for around £342,000 ($395k) with Nicholas Schultz of RE/MAX Classic, the unique bunker home sits on 10.5 acres surrounded by lush mature trees, overlooking a pond. The attractive exterior needs some work, but what does it look like inside?
Although the interior may look like a hollowed-out shell, the bones of the building are robust and well-made, the hideout just needs an ambitious buyer to finish the job. According to the listing, £217,000 ($250k) worth of cement has been poured to create the structure and the soaring 14-foot-high ceiling has already been framed out.
Beautiful sky views filter in through the window areas, filling the skeleton property with light. Electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems have reportedly been given the thumbs up and there's even a well onsite, though the bunker has not yet been hooked up to the sewer. Talk about potential!
An additional 13.18 acres of land are also available to purchase with the property for an extra £87,000 ($100k) if you were interested in creating your own top-secret compound. Renders of what the building could look like once fully renovated can be seen in the listing.
Currently on the market for £346,000 ($399k) with Gateway Sotheby's International Realty, this unsuspecting acreage hosts an underground hideout that started out life as a nuclear bunker. Located in the rural town of Grizzly Flats in El Dorado County, California, the shelter awaits beneath the woodland…
Described as a mountain prairie oasis, the listing says that a total forestry clean-up of the site will be completed over the next five years at no cost to the new buyer. This will add an estimated £87,000 ($100k) in value to the property, which comprises of two parcels of land, measuring 10 acres and 20 acres respectively. But it’s what lurks beneath the ground that may really pique your interest.
Opening up the secure door to an intriguing set of stairs, you’ll find an underground nuclear bunker awaits below. Perfect for doomsday preppers or those who wish to live off-grid in the Californian forests, this fortified shelter is surrounded by 187 yards of concrete for extra secure living.
Once inside, you’ll find the two-bedroom bunker hosts 528 square feet of living space, which has already been fitted out with electricity, as well as a bathroom and a kitchen. Elsewhere on the property, a well and septic tanks have been cleared for rebuilding, so you can create your own self-sufficient home in the wilderness.
The bunker is connected to a 1000-gallon propane tank, septic system, two dehumidifiers and eight deep cycle storage batteries, which offer long-lasting power. If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a shed elsewhere on the acreage, and plans for the construction of a garage have already been submitted. Talk about potential!
Over in Arizona lies this former bomb shelter that's ready and waiting to be transformed into the ultimate underground retreat. Located on almost 18 acres in the heart of Yucca, Mohave County, the abandoned bunker has everything you could need to live off the gridplenty of interior space, bags of potential and endless land.
Listed with Realty ONE Group Mountain Desert for around £347,000 ($399.9k), this listing is also very reasonably priced considering its scale. The unusual property was built back in 1980 and doesn't appear to have received much in the way of renovations since, so some work is needed to turn the former bomb shelter into a dream home.  
Head through the ultra-tough front door and you’ll find yourself inside a sprawling, 7,179-square-foot space that’s almost entirely undergroundideal for keeping your living areas cool in those hot Arizona summers. The property comes complete with a large sunken living room, a dining area and a kitchen, all of which could do with a design overhaul. 
The underground retreat also has four bedrooms and two bathrooms, while every room is decorated with concrete ceilings, exposed structural elements, rough masonry walls, tiled floors and handmade furnituremostly formed from bricks and timber. The house also boasts solar panels, a water well and four water tanks that can hold 1,200 gallons each, so you could easily live off-grid.
The property harbours a few hidden surprises too, namely its own private sauna, an old train car that's been turned into a workshop, a huge garage and an airplane hanger, so you could make a quick getaway whenever the need arises. Of the estate's 17.7 acres of land, two are fenced for privacy, so there's plenty of room for further development. As far as survivalist homes go, this one is pretty cool!
In the period leading up to the Second World War, Mediterranean islands such as Mallorcapart of Spain’s Balearic archipelagohad to prepare for the possibility of sieges by Germany due to their prime geographic location as a pitstop between mainland Europe and Africa.
Built in 1935, this deserted military barracks is located right on the coast of Llucmajorone of the southernmost municipalities on the island. It is now being sold as a stunning estate and is on the market for a cool €3.8 million, which is around £3.3 million ($3.8m).
The plot sits on a whopping 20.7 acres of land and is currently overgrown with shrubbery in its craggy location. Yet the constant sunshine and sweeping sea views really do make it a tropical paradise. Plus, the subzero corridor system will intrigue any history buff, conservationist or survivalist.
There are several structures within the estate, including the old military base and all its associated buildings, a residence and an underground bunker with an intricate layout of galleries, rooms and tunnels.
According to the listing, the military barracks come kitted out with eight bedrooms, two bathrooms and a total of 5,758 square feet of inside space. Most of the property is in need of serious renovation, so the new owner will need to be willing to take on an extreme fixer-upper. Are you up to the task?
If you've ever wanted to get your hands on a unique property that boasts plenty of space, history and character, then this abandoned air force base in Gettysburg, South Dakota, could be for you. The sprawling former military site has outbuildings, land, and secret features galore, all for a hefty £3.9 million ($4.5m). 
Before it was abandoned, the property was Gettysburg Air Force Station. It became operational in July 1956 and the workers' mission was not only to track and identify aircraft entering the surrounding air space, but to guide Air Force interceptors to any identified enemy aircraft. The base played a key role during the Cold War too and was just one of 28 sites selected for radar surveillance. Initially, the crew consisted of 25 airmen, three officers and three civilians, according to FortWiki.
After the Cold War, there was little use for the base and it was deactivated in June 1968. Around an acre of land was retained by the government and the rest was left to fall into a state of decay. In 2007 it was snapped up by current owner Lev Goukassian, a retired businessman from California. 
Spanning 42 acres, the property is surrounded by farmland, making it ideal for a buyer looking for a remote, disaster-proof retreat. As well as endless land, the listing also includes countless outbuildings, such as the former barracks, an operations centre, and a mess hall. There are various old vehicles and discarded military memorabilia strewn around the site too. Yet the property's most mysterious and enticing feature has to be its secret underground bunker
The only sign that the subterranean space exists is this heavy, steel trap door that's pretty well concealed. Beneath the impenetrable door, you'll find a seemingly never-ending secret tunnel, which connects the base's many buildings. Military personnel likely used the passageway to move between locations without being seenor to transport equipment in poor weather. If you're keen to take on this unique piece of military history, then you can contact the current owner directly via Facebook Marketplace.
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07 September 2022
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