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Grand strategy game The Pegasus Expedition promises a campaign-based 4X experience centring on a pivotal moment in the fight for humanity
Whitney Meers
Grand strategy game The Pegasus Expedition will soon launch in Early Access, looking to bring Crusader Kings-like gameplay into an intergalactic setting where players must battle for the future of humankind. A new trailer shows off some of the strategy game‘s 4X features along with aspects of the handcrafted galaxy and its replayable campaign.
According to the game description, the Pegasus Expedition is “a story-driven sci-fi grand strategy game set in a key moment for humankind’s survival.”
“Facing an overwhelming threat at home, humanity sends expeditions to the Pegasus Galaxy in a desperate attempt to find a refuge for the population of Earth,” the description says.
The game’s campaign, which a press release says constitutes 20 hours of gameplay, places the player as the Director of the Zeus Link fleet. A council keeps the player abreast of updates throughout the galaxy and assists them along the journey. Throughout the game, the goal is to must colonise the Pegasus Galaxy, which will take strength, perseverance, and diplomacy as leaders must cultivate a team of allies to help them face their foes. Players will also have to develop economies to keep their fleets growing, so they can eventually take on enemy attacks.
As a grand strategy game with RPG elements, leaders will have to make difficult decisions that require them to choose between their self-interest and the interests of those they serve. Throughout the campaign, they’ll navigate treaties and face off against factions that see them as a suspicious newcomer. Players will also have to decide whether to cater to the whims of any of the galaxy’s 30 independent factions.
The 4X aspects of the game mean it offers numerous approaches to challenges throughout the campaign. Player decisions will shape the galaxy, and alliances and crises will have long-term impacts on society’s future.
As the game journey continues, it gets more complex as players face backstabbing frenemies, guerrilla groups, and more. The game also introduces various characters, sidequests, and challenges to keep things interesting until the very end.
It wouldn’t be an intergalactic grand strategy game if there weren’t some type of war involved — and luckily, The Pegasus Expedition has plenty of that, too. Ultimately, the game is about making sacrifices while addressing the bigger picture.
The Pegasus Expedition from Kalla Gameworks and Fulqrum Publishing debuts in Early Access on Steam, the Epic Games Store, and on October 20. However, there’s a demo of the game on Steam right now. Its developers also promise several content updates, with the full game launch set for sometime in 2023.
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