[dione_background_slideshow_two dis_nav=”false”][dione_background_slideshow_two_item img=”182″ title=”UK UFO April 12th 2022″ desc=”A day of learning, growing and meeting with the UK UFO community and more.” btn_name=”April 12th 2022, London” btn_link=”#about”][dione_background_slideshow_two_item img=”626″ title=”UK UFO at Fox and Firkin London” desc=”Announcements and discussion that will keep you looking ahead.” btn_name=”12 April 2022, London” btn_link=”#about”][dione_background_slideshow_two_item img=”622″ title=”Don’t Miss It! Save The Date! 12/04/22″ desc=”This year’s events with more than 20 sessions. Book your place right now!” btn_name=”12 April, 2022, London” btn_link=”#about”][dione_background_slideshow_two_item img=”184″ title=”BASES PROJECT APRIL 12th 2022″ desc=”The start of this year’s events with more than 5 meet-ups. Join us right now!” btn_name=”12 April 2022, London” btn_link=”#about”][dione_background_slideshow_two_item img=”625″ title=”UK UFO April 12h 2022″ desc=”A day of learning, growing and meeting with the UK UFO community and more.” btn_name=”12 April 2022, London” btn_link=”#about”][/dione_background_slideshow_two]
[dione_intro_title title=”2022 UK UFO Conference” desc=”FREE ENTRY UK UFO”][dione_countdown end_date_y=”2022″ end_date_m=”04″ end_date_d=”12″ end_date_h=”17″ end_date_i=”00″]
[dione_intro_box name=”Join Us in 2022 Over 5 Sessions” bg=”635″]
[dione_intro_box name=”Join Us in 2022 Over 5 Sessions” bg=”629″]
[dione_intro_box name=”Join Us in 2022 Over 5 Sessions” bg=”649″]
[dione_intro_bottom title=”Join us this year – Join the UK UFO community.” title_color=”Contact us”]
[dione_heading title=”About This Event” desc=”20 guest speakers throughout 2022, interactive experiences and opportunity to meet one-to-one with the speakers. UK UFO discusses the technological aspects of UFO technology and energy.”]
[dione_about title=”Join us for an evening meeting guest speakers, announcements, UFO updates.” desc=”Attend sessions and interact with other writers and experts. Whether you’re with us in London or tuning in from around the world, there’s a way to connect with us at the UK UFO Conference and Event. This year’s event is bigger than ever – with more than 20 guest speakers, interactive experiences and the opportunity to meet one-on-one with the leaders who are shaping the future of the UFO and IFO experience. UK UFO discusses the technological aspects of UFO technology and energy.” button_name=”Check Schedule” button_link=”#schedule”]
[dione_about_box title=”Location” desc=”Fox and Firkin
316 Lewisham High St,
London SE13 6JZ,UK” font_class=”fa-map-marker”]
[dione_about_box title=”Meet and Greet” desc=”20 Professsional Speakers Including:
Miles Johnston, Maria Wheatley” font_class=”fa-bullhorn”]
[dione_about_box title=”Date & Time” desc=”April 12th 2022
4 PM – 10.30 PM” font_class=”fa-clock-o”]
[dione_about_box title=”Special” desc=”Fresh Stonebaked Pizza, Good Beer and Wine, Live Music, T-Shirts, Posters” font_class=”fa-coffee”]
[dione_venue title=”Venue” sub_title=”Fox and Firkin London” desc=”A home for live music in South East London. Craft beers, pizzas, garden and love.
A home for live music in South East London with an eclectic variety of sounds and entertainment from the music and festival scene. Artisan ales, craft beers, authentic stone baked pizzas and an incredible outdoor space.” btn_name=”Visit Website” btn_link=”https://foxfirkin.com/” target=”_blank”]
[dione_heading title=”EVENT SPEAKERS” desc=”Know about the speakers – enter a world of UK Speakers and Authors on UFO and Geopolitics.”]
[dione_speaker name=”Miles Johnston” desc=”CEO, The Bases Project” image=”666″ link=”#”][dione_speaker name=”Adam Bull” desc=”Adam Bull” image=”752″ link=”#”]
[dione_speaker name=”Maria Wheatley” desc=”Dowser, Author” image=”636″][dione_speaker name=”Emptea Graffiti” desc=”Artist Graffiti Musician” image=”747″]
[dione_speaker name=”Dusty Stragglers” job=”Music Band” desc=”2 piece hiphop jazz band Dusty Stragglers are releasing their long awaited third album in 2022. Catch them performing at Fox and Firkin” image=”733″ link=”#”][dione_speaker name=”African Jambo Band” job=”Music Band” desc=”6 piece Afro jazz band African Jambo Band. Catch them performing at Fox and Firkin” image=”729″ link=”https://ukufo.co.uk/african-jambo-band/”]
[dione_speaker name=”Nick Ashron” job=”Musician and Singer” desc=”Acoustic Guitar and Composer, Lyricist and Vocals” image=”669″ link=”#”]
[dione_heading title=”EVENT SCHEDULE” desc=”Have a look at our schedule”]
[dione_schedule_one array_slug=”day-1, day-2, day-3″ order_item=”ASC”]
[dione_milestones number=”24″ title=”Sessions”]
[dione_milestones number=”33″ title=”Hours”]
[dione_milestones number=”12″ title=”Speakers”]
[dione_milestones number=”43″ title=”Sponsors” border=”no”]
[dione_heading title=”HOTELS” desc=”A variety of hotels are situated within walking distance of the event venue.
Here are a few you might be interested in!”]
[dione_hotel title=”Premiere Inn Lewisham” space=”0.8 mile from venue” stars=”3-Star Hotel” link=”https://www.google.com/travel/hotels/premier%20inn%20lewisham/entity/CgsIgpXO3qCEmtCKARAB/prices?g2lb=4317915%2C4647135%2C4419364%2C4597339%2C4678979%2C4605861%2C4258168%2C4687155%2C4641139%2C2503781%2C4624411%2C4371334%2C2503771%2C2502548%2C4640247%2C4270442%2C4649665%2C4596364%2C4401769%2C4685401%2C4306835%2C4270859%2C4284970%2C4291517&hl=en-GB&gl=uk&ssta=1&q=premier%20inn%20lewisham&rp=EIKVzt6ghJrQigEQgpXO3qCEmtCKATgCQABIAcABAg&ictx=1&ved=0CAAQ5JsGahcKEwjQ_Lyv9NL1AhUAAAAAHQAAAAAQCA&utm_campaign=sharing&utm_medium=link&utm_source=htls&ts=CAESABpJCisSJzIlMHg0ODc2MDI3YWRmMjUxMmJiOjB4OGFhMDY4MjIwYmQzOGE4MhoAEhoSFAoHCOYPEAIYGxIHCOYPEAIYHBgBMgIQACoJCgU6A0dCUBoA”]
[dione_hotel title=”Clarendon Hotel Greenwich” space=”1.2 mile from venue” stars=”3-Star Hotel” link=”https://www.booking.com/hotel/gb/theclarendonhotel.html?label=New_English_EN_GBIE_5226314905-3SAkTQxnz*a49b5zf5_wOAS217288669129%3Apl%3Ata%3Ap1%3Ap2%3Aac%3Aap%3Aneg%3Afi4653974530%3Atidsa-303068456341%3Alp9044978%3Ali%3Adec%3Adm&sid=bc7a7a4d0f88cb674dc1672cac360622&gclid=EAIaIQobChMItZ71-qOd9QIVtYBQBh3Egw70EAAYASAAEgLETPD_BwE&aid=318615&ucfs=1&arphpl=1&dest_id=105&dest_type=district&group_adults=2&req_adults=2&no_rooms=1&group_children=0&req_children=0&hpos=8&hapos=8&sr_order=popularity&srpvid=f25c622095620373&srepoch=1641477442&from=searchresults#hotelTmpl”]
[dione_hotel title=”StayCity Deptford” space=”2.1 mile from venue” stars=”3-Star Hotel” link=”https://www.booking.com/hotel/gb/staycity-serviced-apartments-london-greenwich-deptford-bridge-station.html?label=New_English_EN_GBIE_5226314905-3SAkTQxnz*a49b5zf5_wOAS217288669129%3Apl%3Ata%3Ap1%3Ap2%3Aac%3Aap%3Aneg%3Afi4653974530%3Atidsa-303068456341%3Alp9044978%3Ali%3Adec%3Adm&sid=bc7a7a4d0f88cb674dc1672cac360622&gclid=EAIaIQobChMItZ71-qOd9QIVtYBQBh3Egw70EAAYASAAEgLETPD_BwE&aid=318615&ucfs=1&arphpl=1&dest_id=105&dest_type=district&group_adults=2&req_adults=2&no_rooms=1&group_children=0&req_children=0&hpos=1&hapos=1&sr_order=popularity&srpvid=f25c622095620373&srepoch=1641477442&from=searchresults#hotelTmpl”]
[dione_hotel title=”Hilton London Waterloo” space=”3.3 mile from venue” stars=”4-Star Hotel” link=”https://www.hilton.com/en/hotels/lonwlhx-hampton-london-waterloo/”]
[dione_hotel title=”Park Plaza London Waterloo” space=”3.4 mile from venue” stars=”3-Star Hotel” link=”https://www.parkplazalondonwaterloo.com/”]
[dione_hotel title=”Ruby Lucy Hotel” space=”3.2 mile from venue” stars=”5-Star Hotel” link=”https://www.ruby-hotels.com/en/hotels-destinations/london/ruby-lucy”]
[dione_heading title=”FAQ” desc=”Bases Conference 2022″]

When will the Bases conference program details be announced ?

The Bases Conference 2022 date will be announced shortly

You can view the sessions registered for online .

The confirmation email you receive at the time you register will include a link to your registration record. You can also log in to view lorem Ipsum has been the dione conference and event template standard dummy text.

A newsletter can be mailed to you before the conference.

All conference materials will be distributed onsite when you check in at registration. This includes a full conference program and daily schedule-at-a-glance.

A video of speakers from Bases conferences will be available.

Lorem Ipsum has been the dione conference and event template standard dummy text. To share the content from the conference with a wider audience and allow attendees to relive the experience, Dione will make every effort to post video of all the main stage presentations on the Dione website.

Become a select speaker for the Bases conference

Lorem Ipsum has been the dione conference and event template standard dummy text. Over time we have drawn further afield in seeking speakers who are inspirational, informative, and provocative.

Can we get a discount for group registrations ?

At this time, there are no discounted group rates for the Dione Conference.

Can I register by mail ?

If you prefer to register by mail or fax, a PDF form is available by request: please lorem Ipsum has been the dione conference and event template standard dummy text.

What do registration fees cover and how are they set ?

Lorem Ipsum has been the dione conference and event template standard dummy text. Continental breakfast and light refreshment breaks will be provided; lunch and dinner are on your own. The fees are set to make the experience both memorable and affordable.

If you still have unanswered questions after reading this page, please contact us.

[dione_testimonial title=”Great speakers with great topics. Free Entry!” desc=”UK UFO explores the possibilities and actualities of this phenomenon. We aim to inspire research and discussion in this field of physics and technology.” testi_desc=”I was inspired to hear the speakers and meet them in person. I thoroughly enjoyed my time and will be a regular at UK UFO.” name=”Clare Bowens” job=”Design, Camberwell” img=”287″]
[dione_pricing name=”UK UFO Pack” label_hot=”Hot” price=”15″ currency=”£” desc=”Community Package to inspire the UK UFO community includes a quarterly newsletter packed full of ideas, discussions, merchandise. from our UK UFO community. Join on the day of our event .” btn_name=”Purchase On The Day”]

  • Choice of 1 T – Shirt
  • 2 UK UFO Posters
  • 1 Music CD
  • UK UFO Newsletter
  • After Party


[dione_heading title=”SPEAKERS” desc=”UK UFO Meet Ups”]
[dione_register_title title=”Register Now and Guarantee Your Seat! Bases 2022″ desc=””]Book Your Place
Stand By[/dione_register_title]

    [dione_contact_info title=”Rivington Street London EC2″ desc_one=”Drop UK UFO an email
    We will do our best to get back to you within 72 hours. Thank you” desc_two=”We are open from 8.30 AM — 4.00 PM week days.”][dione_box_info fontclass=”fa-envelope-o” title=”E: ukufouk[at]gmail.com” class=”margin-7 no-margin-left no-margin-tb”/] [dione_box_info fontclass=”fa-phone” title=”P: +07070 070070″ /][/dione_contact_info]

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