New NASA Photos Are Shocking And Could Prove Aliens Exist –

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I never believed in aliens.  I always believed that if they were real, we would know about them by now as in, we would be in communication with them. However, there are some recent happenings that are testing my opinion. NASA just released some pictures that are pretty shocking.  
NASA roved Mars and a recent exploration captured some “items” on the red planet.  Of course, the photos are grainy and up for interpretation, but people are saying that if you look closely you can see “an alien boot”, an alien head (this one looks pretty convincing to me), aircraft wreckage, and some sort of structure.
This is pretty chilling stuff.  Check out these official photos and see what you think. 
This "doorway" was discovered.
This one takes a minute but when your eyes adjust it really does look like a decapitated alien head.
OK, this piques my interest, however, why on earth can't we get CLEAR photos?  It is always a grainy and questionable photo that we have to work with.  This is the real reason why I tend to think that any UFOs we see are simply aircraft advancements from other countries and that they don't want us to know about.  I must say, these two photos are giving me more pause than anything we've seen to date.
This is a video of the "structure" that was found on the Red Planet.
What do you think?  Do you believe in alien life forms?  Do these recent findings move the needle for you either way?
I can't explain why I have a hard time swallowing the alien pill but if you ask me about spirits or the afterlife I'm totally on board. If you want to feel some super scary energy on our planet, here is a list of the most haunted places in New Jersey.