Maria Wheatley

We welcome Maria to UK UFO – a leading researcher and author on Dowsing and Water Energy. Maria will share her recent research discoveries from South America. Join us

Author and tutor, Maria Wheatley, has been teaching past life regression, reflexology, tarot and dowsing for Swindon College and the British School of Yoga for 15 years. Her late father Dennis Wheatley was a Master Dowser who was considered a world authority on the geodetic system of earth energies. He taught Maria to dowse over 20 years ago. Maria loves the world of the paranormal and felt inspired to write about the mystical stones of Avebury. Whilst researching the book Maria and her co author were followed around the stone circles by a spirit who guided them to rediscover a long lost solar alignment. Her late father and other Master Diviners showed Maria how the stones absorb and transmit earth energy – which she has proved in the book by using sensitive electromagnetic detecting equipment,

Maria gives regular dowsing tours and workshops at sacred sites such as Avebury, Stonehenge, Glastonbury, Uffington, Ireland and Scotland. Maria runs professional dowsing courses to certificated level, practical weekend courses, one day workshops, homestudy of SKYPE lessons are available. Maria runs The Avebury School of Esoteric Studies which is affiliated with the Association of British Correspondence Colleges. Gain a qualification with one of the UKs top Master Dowsers. or email