UFOs go down at the 2022 Goodwood Revival | GRR – Goodwood Road and Racing

Reports of unidentified flying objects have been inundating Goodwood Aerodrome’s Air Traffic Control for weeks leading up to the Goodwood Revival 2022. We’re in a busy piece of air space here, with anything from state-of-the-art helicopters to original WW2 Spitfires careering through the blue yonder, meaning many of these sightings have been shrugged off as fanciful.
Yet to everyone’s surprise, Goodwood Revival awoke on Friday morning to what appears to be a downed flying saucer. It’s wedged into a piece of the Duke’s asphalt a stone’s throw from the Motor Circuit pitlane at the Gate Two public entrance. 
Smoking among the rubble, there’s no sign yet of occupants of the craft. And with no clear means of gaining entry to its flight controls, both the army and police are on patrol, keen to learn more of its arrival and its pilots. 
Rumours that this UFO marks the 75th anniversary of the Roswell incident in New Mexico are yet to be substantiated, with officials keen to avoid any unnecessary panic until all facts are on the table. Whether it’s a piece of US Air Force property or a visitor from distant worlds, we hope whoever is responsible knows a good tarmac company. The Duke will not be best pleased with the mess. 
Photography by Toby Wales

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