Watch as two ‘UFOs the size of a Jeep’ are spotted above Scots town… – The Scottish Sun

THIS IS the moment two 'UFOs the size of a Jeep' have been spotted above a Scots town.
Ross Mains captured the extra-terrestrial footage near St. Brides Church, in his hometown of East Kilbride.
The amateur filmmaker directed his own comedy series during lockdown called Star Force: Sci-Fisolation.
But insists Sunday's footage is 100% genuine.
As the 27-year-old shared some observations that caught his attention.
And said: "They seemed to move in an unnaturally straight path and at a set speed. They did not seem to bob up and down or deviate in speed.
"There wasn't any sound – I couldn't hear an engine or anything. There wasn't any propellers or wings I could see that made it fly.
"I didn't notice at the time, but for some bizarre reason the objects appear a different colour on the video footage from real life.
"In real life they were more a off white colour but in the video appear black."
The call centre worker added: "It was just a very odd and surreal sight. I got my phone out as fast as possible and recorded them.
"I mostly after that was fully focused on capturing the footage and making sure my phone was recording everything.
"There are two objects in the sky, moving at a steady speed. They were not massive, I reckon about the size of a jeep, maybe twice that size at most.
"Definitely smaller than a plane and a lot bigger than a drone. They had no lights, no wings, no windows and no propellers. They also were completely silent.
"The objects looked alot bigger in real life.
"In the video the objects appear to be black but in real life they had a similar color to a cloud, not quite white but not quite grey.
"To my eye, they seemed to be a sphere or tic tac shape. They looked solid and metallic.
"They seemed to have some smoke coming out of them sometimes but was hard to know if it was them moving through clouds.
"In terms of height, they seemed quite low. Maybe twice the height of a typical city building, definitely lower than a plane would travel in."
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