Watch: Papa Johns gets extraterrestrial with chorizo pizza – PR Week

Chorizo left Earth’s atmosphere in 1998, making it the world’s — make that the known galaxy’s — farthest-traveled sausage.
by Brandon Doerrer 16 September 2022
LOUISVILLE, KY: Papa Johns is leaving orbit with the most intergalactic sausage in the universe.
The pizza brand is launching a space-inspired pie topped with chorizo. If the connection between smoked sausage and outer space isn’t clear, Spanish astronaut Pedro Duque entered orbit with the meat in 1998.
Papa Johns recruited self-described “space-ist” and former VP of the International Aeronautical Federation Dr. Chris Welch to draw comparisons between the new dish and cosmological phenomena. He said that the same carbon compounds produced while drying paprika, which reddens chorizo, may also be found in space. Papa Johns hypothesized that this could explain why astronauts commonly smell grilled meats after spacewalks.
The new pizza will feature in a global marketing campaign running in China, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Poland, Germany and some Latin American markets this Fall. Creative shop Atomic London worked on the initiative, as did Highlight PR. 
Chelsie Lane cosmetics developed lipstick that looks and smells like chorizo to accompany the pie’s release. Meat lovers can purchase it around the world from the company’s website.
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