Why The Vatican Operates A Giant Telescope In Arizona – Digg

Here’s why the Vatican operates a large research center and telescope out in Graham Country, Arizona.
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Fifty percent of US adults at least sometimes get their news from one of eight popular social platforms.
Eldorado is creating a safe and efficient video game marketplace.
Bin Laden wasn’t just dumped in the ocean after being killed — there were very specific reasons for laying him to rest there.
“The first time I do ketamine, I am nearing the end of my twenties sitting in an armchair in a sterile doctor’s office with my mother holding my hand.”
This series’ contestants break down in hysterics trying to get Greg Davies to guess words based on very limited clues.
The best cookbooks help us learn and think about their subjects. The new Star Trek cookbook, sadly, only reaches for the food coloring.
The discovery may actually make studying the potential health benefits of Cordyceps fungi and their compounds easier.
Discussing her new memoir on CNN, former US Army soldier Chelsea Manning explains her motivations for leaking nearly 750,000 secret documents.
Jones says his enemies want him off the air. US bankruptcy law is on his side, for now.
As great as Jennifer Coolidge is, the real 2014 case about the letter-writer who stalked a family wasn’t campy fun.
Dr. Romain Pizzi breaks down how the placebo effect (and how it affects animals) is more complex than we currently understand.
Despite having more than its fair share of toxic masculinity, beneath the surface of the film lies a surprisingly queer gem.
Things our editors love, great sales, games, useful home and tech gadgets and a whole lot more.
Gamecamp.gg is a staple to save you money while unlocking gaming.
Parenting advice on mothers-in-law, bodies, foster children, and mental illness.
If your cats are like ours, they probably don’t want to sit still for an elaborate costume. That’s why these very simple wings are a must-buy.
A local New York politician has proposed a bill where people who report vehicles blocking the bike lane get a share of the fine. Casey Neistat does the math to see how much you could actually make.
Kaitlyn Tiffany on how Slack and Giphy hastened the decline of a treasured mode of online expression, the GIF.
“Generations of telling customers that they’re always right have bred rude and entitled restaurant patrons.”
Shemika Campbell, a limbo performer, recently wowed Usher at his birthday party with her mega moves.
Lawyers representing the family have issued a cease and desist letter to West.
A sunken German vessel may have been leaking pollutants into the North Sea for the better part of a century.
Consuming microplastics puts your health at risk. LARQ’s water filtration systems can keep you safe.
The threat of extinction by supervolcanoes shouldn’t be dismissed, but it’s safe to say we might not experience their worst.
What to do when the hackers come for you.
Sweaters, hikers, hoodies, beanies and more are on sale at Huckberry through Thursday, October 20.
Here’s an easy and efficient way to cut open a bell pepper.
Scientists say melting glaciers are bringing together hosts and viruses that would not normally encounter each other.
In this day and age, the route to nurturing a prodigy might not be the best path forward explains author David Epstein, who reveals you should be going the divergent generalist route instead.
Renting in the US has reached a record high for the first time in over 50 years. Here’s a list of regions where renters have become the majority over the past decade.
Social media networks crack down — but the companies vary in their approaches and effectiveness.
Huang’s self-reflective set had the judges, hosts and audience members of “Australia’s Got Talent” in splits.
If their incompetence seems strategically designed to get you to do their work for them, here’s what to do.
Neuroscientist Ben Rein explains the strange phenomenon of hallucinating while on the edge of consciousness.
A YouTuber found footage from 1988, so they decided to recreate the same drive on California’s 405 Freeway North 34 years later, in 2022.
The technicians in the private space industry, responsible for building and repairing rockets, receive little recognition — even when they sacrifice their lives for the mission.
Record housing prices and rapidly rising interest rates have many people questioning the value and viability of homeownership: “We’re just house poor now.”
Ever noticed that you rarely hear of cruise ships sinking in the sea? This video explains why.
Recent antisemitic language from prominent conservatives evokes age-old accusations that Jews are “perpetual foreigners.”
Mylissa Farmer’s water broke 17 weeks into her pregnancy and the fetus was dying inside her, but she couldn’t legally get an abortion in the state.
Michael B. Jordan makes his feature film directorial debut and returns as Adonis “Donnie” Creed in “Creed III,” the ninth film in the “Rocky” franchise.
The US is home to some truly weird and wonderful (but mostly weird) dishes.
There are a number of incredible coincidences that led to the former president getting his preferred judge.
How many of your favorite characters can you spot?
InsideHook got tips for making the steak salt and brown butter jus used at Gus’s.
Ralph Macchio lived in a 1980s bubble, positioned too far inside the era to be well versed on the enduring nostalgia for it.
Chess grandmaste Hikaru Nakamura hypothesized how a player can cheat and nullify mistakes during a chess game.
Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you some really useful stuff. Here are some great responses from a Reddit thread full of ’em.
We don’t talk enough about how scary and gross pregnancy is, one expert on the genre tells Jezebel. Horror films are finally tackling this.
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